01 Sep

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter September 2019

Physician Spotlight (Cont’d)

If you are reading this, you know that Orthopedic Health of Kansas City is staffed with surgeons who tend to your bone health. What isn’t as obvious is the training and focus each physician has invested in his specialty. Every one of the physicians in our practice attended a four-year medical school after receiving an undergraduate degree. Each physician trained for five years as a resident before choosing a specialization which required an additional year or more of training. After competing formal training, each physician is required to sit for certification exams every ten years to ensure best practices are used.

When you walk through the front door at Orthopedic Health of Kansas City, know that you will receive exemplary care from a physician group that is not only passionate about medicine, but has years of specialized training.

New Location

Ortho Health KC is featured in local Publication

This month, Orthopedic Health of Kansas City was featured by Healthy Kansas City, a publication focused on spotlighting medical practices in the Kansas City area. The cover story and eight page spread highlights the history of how our practice came to be the second oldest orthopedic practice in Kansas
City. Additionally, it highlights the walk-in clinic, our physician specialties, and our consumer-centric attitude toward practicing orthopedic medicine. Check out the digital issue in its entirety at:
Healthy Kansas City Magazine

Healthy KC Magazine Cover featuring Orthopedic Health of KC