Orthopedic Urgent Care and Walk-In of Kansas City, MO

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Kansas City, MO Orthopedic Urgent Care, and Walk-In Center

Our orthopedic board-certified surgeons and physician assistants on staff are here to help you treat your urgent care and walk-in needs. OrthoHealth KC can treat anything from pain, aches, swelling, bone fractures, or sports medicine-related injury. The Kansas City Center headquartered location has a clean and inviting atmosphere, along with enough rooms to treat an influx amount of patients.

Our Address

1950 Diamond Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64116

Phone Number & Hours

(816) 561-3003

8:00am-8:00pm | M-F
8:00am-6:00pm | Saturday

Nurse Looking at Knee

Services Provided

OrthoHealth KC provides Physical Therapy, Wellness Services, Occupational Therapy, Medical Care, Urgent Care, Broken Bone and Fracture Care all at our urgent care and walk-in clinic.

Here is a list of conditions and injuries that you should visit our Orthopedic Urgent Care Care for:

……Or any other Orthopedic injury!

What You Should Bring

We want your medical care received to be efficient and effective, the best way to accomplish this is by having this information ready:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Information
  • Medical History
  • Prescription Medication List

Payment Options

People often pay with the help of their insurance provider, but your deductible needs to be met first.  If you’re unsure of the status of your deductible, it’s best to give your provider a call. If you’re self-pay, we can help you out with a variety of payment options that best fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Go To OrthoHealth KC?

All of our surgeons at OrthoHealth KC are board-certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS). ABOS Certification demonstrates that an Orthopaedic Surgeon has met rigorous requirements for education, knowledge, experience, and abilities. Patients can avoid extra appointments and the typically higher costs of emergency room visits for non-life-threatening injuries by going directly to OrthoHealth KC orthopedic specialists.

Other added benefits for our patients include

  • We provide stitches, x-ray and cast-splint-brace services on-site.
  • We provide full-service trauma care.
  • We accept walk-in appointments.  No appointment is necessary.
  • We accept most major insurance providers.
  • We can treat patients both in-network and out-of-network.

What Injuries Do You Treat?

We treat any acute injury to your muscles, ligaments, joints, or bones, including shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hip, pelvic, leg, knee, ankle, and foot injuries. As stated on our website, we provide:

  • bleeding injuries like cuts and wounds.
  • damage to the bones and joints, such as breaks, fractures and dislocations.
  • muscle and tendon injuries like strains, sprains, crushes and tears.
  • problems caused over time like arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis.

What Patients Say


Great customer service. Very little waiting time from appointment time to being seen. Doctor personality and nurses and radiology personnel FANTASTIC attitudes. Thank God for their services.

Edward Stang

2 years ago I had hand and foot surgery at the same time. I was not only impressed with both doctors bedside manner and scheduling but the return visits also. The surgery went very good and they will take time to listen to your needs. 5 stars and more.

David Swinford

I was delighted to find a foot and ankle MD! Received good consultation insights and if and when I do need more attention to my big toe, this is where I will come. Everyone was courteous and efficient.

Neita Gielker

Take the first step to recovery

If this is an emergency, call 911 or call our Orthopedic Urgent Care clinic at (816) 303-2400. Please feel free to leave a message if you call after hours. We will return your message the next business day.


8:00am-8:00pm | M-F
8:00am-6:00pm | Sat
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