01 Oct

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter October 2019

Saturday Walk-in Clinic Hours

Beginning on Saturday, October 12th, the North Kansas City walk-in clinic will open from 8am – 12pm. Both clinics will continue to have hours Monday thru Friday from 8am – 8pm in addition. The walk-in clinic is open for your convenience when unexpected injuries occur. With less wait time and expenses than an emergency room, let our orthopedic professionals help you when you need it the most.

Office Art

Next time you are in our office, make sure you check out the pieces of art hung around the hallways and rooms. Paying tribute to Kansas City, most of the art features landmarks though-out the area.

Katrina Revenaugh Western Auto Building

About the artist (above): Katrina Revenaugh loves graffiti and photographs it while extracting little bits and pieces from her shots and uses them like found objects to create layered abstract collages.

About the artist (above): Michael Regnier has a process of “making a mess of things” layering unrelated images – a delightful juxtaposition of one transparency lying atop another.

Orthopedic Health of KC Presented with Award

Ortho Health KC receiving award
Mayor Don Stielow (left) and business council President John Miller, Jr. (right) presented Dr. Bradley (center representing Orthopedic Health of KC) the award

Orthopedic Health of Kansas City was recently honored at the North Kansas City Business Council 2019 Awards Luncheon for its significant investment in the community by way of its new building. The Business Council acknowledged 24 businesses in North Kansas City this year for new investments, increase of jobs in town, and improvements in overall quality of life.

Orthopedic Health of Kansas City was specifically credited for being the first occupant in its new building and for its solar panel covered parking structure. Thank you to the North Kansas City Business Council for the recognition!

Extended MRI Hours

Having to schedule an MRI test is often required to allow a physician to fully diagnose a patient’s injuries. The new North Kansas City clinic building for Orthopedic Health of Kansas City hosts an inhouse MRI machine permitting patients more opportunities for scheduling at a fraction of the costs incurred at a hospital. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the MRI machine is available from 8am until 8pm allowing patients to book when most convenient. Call our office to make an appointment today!

MRI Machine