Staining wood
24 Jul

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter July 2021

In This Issue:

  • Avoiding injury during summer home improvement
  • Tips to avoid the heat
  • Focus on Nurses
Staining wood

How to Avoid Injury While Working on Summer Home Improvement

In the midwest, homeowners are limited to the warmer months for exterior home improvement. Whether painting a fence, building a deck, or landscaping, outdoor projects can lead to injury if not careful. The following includes the most common areas injured during home projects along with some tips for preventing them.

  1. Back injuries. Most home projects include heavy lifting. With improper form, the lifter is more prone to injury. When lifting heavy objects, remember these key things:
    • Place your body close to the object you are lifting.
    • Position your feet in the direction you are moving the object.
    • Use leg muscles to lift, focusing on not using your back.
    • Avoid bending or twisting when carrying the object.
  1. Knee injuries. Whether bending, kneeling, or just walking,
    knee injuries are common when completing projects around the house. Avoid knee injuries by:

    • Wearing supportive shoes.
    • Not staying in a static position for too long.
    • Using knee pads or a cushion for kneeling.
    • Elevate your legs and ice your knees after strenuous activity.


  2. Neck and Shoulder Injuries. No one wants to turn a
    summer project into a pain in the neck. A few easy ways to steer clear of injury:

    • Be aware of maintaining correct posture.
    • Take frequent breaks to stretch.
    • Do not carry heavy materials on your shoulders.
    • Alternate upper-body activity with lower-body.


Making improvements to the home is incredibly rewarding. Wehope to help you avoid injury this summer, but if one occurs, giveus a call at
(816) 561-3003 to schedule an appointment.

Tips on Dealing With Summer Heat

The summer is HOT. When working on your summer home improvement projects, or doing anything outside, keep yourself and your family cool this summer by following these easy tips:

  • Avoid direct sunlight. If spending time outdoors, make sure to scout out a shaded area and wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • Get out in the AM. If you have outdoor plans, get moving in the morning when temperatures are typically cooler.
  • Stay updated on the weather. Familiarize yourself with the local forecast and heat alert information.
  • Stay hydrated. Always carry a water bottle so you never find yourself without something to drink.
  • Wear light-weight clothing. Further protect your skin from the sun by wearing light-weight, loose-fitting clothing.

Focus On: Nurses

Nurse Taking Pulse

Nurses, or RNs, working in the orthopedic specialty have a variety of daily tasks that are crucial for a patient’s successful recovery. The nurses atOHKC obtain patient histories, assess symptoms, monitor and provide follow-up care to surgical patients, as well as collaborate with surgeons to provide the highest quality care.

Our team of nurses include:

Carrie McGee, RN, EmilyMackie, RN, LaurenWagner, RN, Lynn Cullen, RN, Callie Jennings, RN,Billie Hammerstrom, RN,Jaime Costigan, RN,Monica Danahy, RN

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