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4 Questions to Ask Orthopedic Doctor in Lenexa, KS

An essential part of any medical treatment is advocating for yourself and asking questions so you and your providers can all agree on your treatment plan, especially if you’re seeing an orthopedist. If you’re looking for preventative advice, treatment, and diagnosis for an existing condition, asking the right questions can improve your chances for a positive treatment outcome. Our dedicated staff at our Lenexa, KS clinic are here to answer your questions and address your orthopedic concerns.  Let your orthopedist know you’re active in your treatment with these 4 Questions about your orthopedic health:

What’s Causing My Pain?

It’s essential to take orthopedic pain seriously. Ask your doctor what’s causing joint or spinal pain so you can treat it appropriately. Your diagnosis will help you and your orthopedic team understand the underlying causes of your pain. Ask for detailed information, including the condition’s name, what joints it affects, its underlying causes if it has comorbidities, and the prognosis for your diagnosis. This question helps you set treatment and recovery expectations and communicate your diagnosis to other medical providers you see.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Your treatment options depend on your diagnosis and its severity. There are a lot of options for orthopedic care, ranging from conservative therapies to surgical options. Discuss the different treatment options available to you and how they help manage your orthopedic diagnosis. Be sure to cover the benefits and risks of each option, as well as the recovery times and prognosis. This will help you make an informed decision about your care that works best for you.

What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make?

Part of your treatment and recovery will include making small to significant lifestyle changes, depending on your diagnosis, to help prevent future injuries or re-injury. Your orthopedic team can help provide guidance on lifestyle practices and new joint-healthy habits you can take up, including joint-safe exercises and counseling on how to reduce your risk of similar conditions developing in the future. They may recommend an exercise program to promote joint and muscle strengthening and give you information on good posture, wearing supportive shoes, maintaining a healthy weight, and how to set up your living space ergonomically.

What Can I Expect From This Treatment?

Your treatment can range from physical therapy and orthotics to surgical interventions. Talk to your orthopedist about the progression of your diagnosis and what you can expect from the healing process. This will help you stay informed so you can work with your team if it seems there’s no improvement to your pain or mobility concerns.

Orthopedic Care in Lenexa, KS

Our friendly staff at our Lenexa, KS clinic is here to answer your orthopedic questions and help you find answers to what’s causing your joint stiffness and pain. Reach out to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists in Lenexa, KS, for your diagnosis, treatment, and physical therapy needs. We’re here to serve the Lenexa, KS community.