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CORI Surgical System in Kansas City, MO

Knee pain can badly affect our daily routine, keep us from the things we love, and lead to poor sleep quality. It may be due to an injury or a medical condition.

Knee pain treatment can include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, medications, or injections. But if the pain is severe enough, you may need surgery for lasting relief.

Knee replacement surgery helps relieve pain and restore the function of the knee when nonsurgical treatments are not helping.

If you experience constant pain and difficulties when walking, climbing stairs, or with other movements, you may want to consider knee replacement surgery.

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How Does the CORI Surgical System Work?

CORI Surgical System is a robotics handheld system controlled by your surgeon. It uses a CT-free technology for precise implant sizing and positioning without rods.

The CORI Surgical System helps us get the precise placement of your knee implant and balance the surrounding soft tissues during knee replacement.

This prevents the muscles and ligaments from bearing too much or too little of the force applied to the implant. CORI utilizes a passive infrared tracking camera more than four times faster than its predecessor, the NAVIO Surgical System.

With CORI, your implant will feel more natural. Proper positioning and balancing can help improve the function and life expectancy of the knee implant.

In the past, patients required extensive imaging such as CT scans and MRIs before surgery. But with CORI, your knee surgery can start sooner without requiring extensive imaging. That means you can get back to the things you love faster.

The CORI Surgical System works for either a partial or total knee replacement procedure.

Partial knee replacement: for this procedure, only the damaged part of the knee is replaced without tampering with the supporting tissues and ligaments.

Total knee replacement: the entire knee joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant. This implant replicates your natural knee shape, motion, and stability.

CORI Surgical System Kansas CityBenefits of the CORI Surgical System

The CORI Surgical Systems offers incredible benefits, which include:

  • Your surgeon can develop an individualized plan for your unique knee shape and motion without requiring CT scans. That means you won’t be exposed to the potentially harmful radiation that this form of imaging can produce.
  • The system allows your surgeon to make more precise incisions, resulting in more balanced soft tissues and, as a result, helps reduce pain and increase range of motion. That means your body will be able to keep its natural rhythm and step.


Individual results may vary. Although the goal of CORI is to relieve your knee pain and improve function, it may not produce the exact function of the original knee. Also, CORI is not for everyone. Consult your physician to determine if it is right for you.

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CORI Surgical System Doctors

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