Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff Repair Kansas City, MO

Your rotator cuff consists of muscles and tendons that hold your shoulder in place and allows you to lift your arms and reach upward. A rotator cuff injury, such as a tear, can be caused by falling on an outstretched hand, or by degeneration of the tissues.

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The symptoms of a rotator cuff tear include but are not limited to

  • Recurrent pain, especially in certain activities
  • Pain that may prevent sleeping on the injured side
  • Grating or cracking sounds when moving the arm
  • Limited mobility in the arm
  • Muscle weakness

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

There are many treatment options for a rotator cuff injury, one being an arthroscopic repair. Shoulder arthroscopy uses small incisions and specialized equipment to view and repair the injury, making it less invasive than traditional open surgery. Open shoulder surgery may be the alternative for those injuries requiring a more in-depth repair.

Rotator cuff surgery success rate

Rotator cuff surgery has a high success rate at over 95% for small tears. For larger, two-tendon tears, the success rate still holds at around 70%, although it is important to get repairs done while the tears are small before they worsen over time.

Rotator cuff repair recovery

Rotator cuff repair recovery happens in a few different stages; the first step is to control your post-op pain, and although a sling may be used to immobilize the arm for four to six weeks, you may return to your normal activities within a few days after the repair. During recovery, it is important to consistently work with a physical therapist to regain motion and strength in the shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Repair Doctors

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, please contact Orthopedic Health of Kansas City and make an appointment with one of our Kansas City shoulder specialists. They will perform a complete examination, diagnosing and ultimately treating any problem involving muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints. From simple physical therapy to complicated surgery, you’re in good hands with Orthopedic Health of Kansas City and we will do what it takes to get you active again.