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Your rotator cuff is a mix of muscles and tendons that hold your shoulder in place and allow you to lift your arms and reach upward. Injury to the rotator cuff often occurs during a fall where you land on an outstretched hand, but it can also be caused by wear and tear of the soft tissue over time. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

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What are the Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear?

The symptoms of a rotator cuff tear include but are not limited to recurrent pain, especially in certain activities, pain that prevents sleeping on the injured side, grating or cracking sounds when moving the arm, limited mobility in the arm, and muscle weakness.

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What are the Risk Factors for a Rotator Cuff Tear?

Accidents happen, and a rotator cuff tear can happen to anyone, but some factors may increase your risk. These risk factors include:

  • Age – Those over 40 have increased chances of injury
  • Overuse – Degenerative tears are common for those whose jobs or hobbies include repetitive movements such as hammering, painting, or throwing a baseball
  • Shoulder arthritis – Side effects of arthritis, such as muscle weakness, make your shoulder more prone to injury.
  • Poor Posture – Though poor posture is commonly associated with back pain, it can also affect your shoulder
  • Family History – There is evidence that genetics can increase the risk of injury from overuse or trauma.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Rotator Cuff Injury?

Your treatment options will depend on the severity of your injury. Conservative treatments such as rest and anti-inflammatory medication are often enough for recovery. If your pain continues, your doctor may suggest physical therapy or steroid injections. More severe injuries may require rotator cuff repair surgery. Possible surgery options include minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy, open tendon repair or transfer, and shoulder replacement.

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How Long Does Recovery from Rotator Cuff Repair Take?

After rotator cuff repair, your shoulder will be swollen and painful. A sling may be used to immobilize the arm for four to six weeks, but you should return to normal activity within days of surgery. Our top-rated doctors will create a personalized treatment plan to get your shoulder back to regular use after a few months.

Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation in Kansas City, MO

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, please contact Orthopedic Health of Kansas City. Our rotator cuff specialists will examine you and your injury to diagnose and treat any problem involving muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints.

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