Running Shoes
15 Mar

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter Mar 2021

In This Issue:

  • Avoiding Spring Injury
  • Focus on NursePractitioners
Running Shoes

Avoiding Injury This Spring

While the midwest is notorious for giving its residents a sneak peek of beautiful weatheronly to dust us with snow, it is officially SPRING! This season not only brings warmer temperatures, but a shift in hobbies. Running and walking outdoors, along with gardening, now occupies free time.
While being physically active is necessary for healthand fitness, some of these activities carry their own set of risks. The following includes tips to keep your bones in peak health this spring.

Running and Walking:

  • Stretch. Doing this both before and after exercising will help avoid straining amuscle.
  • Set realistic goals. If your goal is to reach a certain distance, slowly increase yourmileage by 10% each week.
    A more aggressive increase may lead to injury.
  • Buy supportive shoes. Supportive footwear will not only help your back, but your entire lower extremities.


  • Practice good posture. Being aware of how you are sitting and standing can help avoid injuries.
  • Shift your position. Remaining in one position too long can put added pressure on your back, knees, andshoulders.
    Remember to stand up and move around.

Focus On: Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners (or NPs) are licensed clinicians who diagnose illnesses, treat conditions, and provide evidence-based health educations to patients.NPs perform physical evaluations, order or perform tests, and diagnose patients. They collaborate with our physicians to establish the optimal treatment for each patient.

OHKC employs four licensed NPs who work closely with our physicians to help ensure ourpatients leave with the best possible outcome. These NPs are Kyle Thomas, Janese Suber,Ally Williams, and Kris Waugh.

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