Hawks Football Player Taking his Helmet off
19 Sep

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter Sep 2020

In This Issue:

  • Sports Participation
  • Foot & Ankle Focus
  • Trauma Focus
Hawks Football Player Taking his Helmet off

Sports Participation This Fall

With the beginning of the fall sports season and winter activities just around the corner, we are in unusual territory with the presence of the coronavirus. Safety for you and those around you is a necessity. While some fall and winter sports are being delayed, others are charging forward full steam ahead. Athletes, parents, grandparents, and spectators are scrambling to figure out the safest way to participate and cheer on their teams. Here are some tips to think about for your next sporting endeavor:

  • Do not participate if you are uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with sitting out this year if you are not 100% comfortable.
  • Wear a mask. Whether you are a participant or spectator, wearing a mask is one of the easiest ways to help protect others.
  • Social distance. If bleachers are the only option and the seats start filling up, have a folding chair in your car to allow for safe distances from others.
  • Limit indoor activities. The CDC qualifies indoor sporting events as risky. If it is not possible to avoid being indoors for a sporting event, make sure to wear a mask and to sit at least 6 feet apart from people not living in your household.
  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.

The staff at OHKC wish you an active and healthy fall and winter when it comes to sports participation!

Focus On: Foot & Ankle

Foot and ankle surgeons specialize in the treatment of pathologies, including fractures and injuries involving the ankle and foot, with a focus on alleviating pain interfering with mobility and daily function.

The fellowship trained foot and ankle specialist on staff at Orthopedic Health of Kansas City is Dr. Nathan Kiewiet.

Focus On: Trauma

Trauma surgeons specialize in the treatment of simple to complex fractures, often multiple fractures, as well as soft tissue injuries related to a traumatic or severe accident.

The fellowship-trained Trauma specialists on staff at Orthopedic Health of Kansas City are Dr. Christopher Wise, Dr. Zachary Roberts, and Dr. Sascha Taghizadeh.