23 Nov

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter Nov 2020

In This Issue:

  • Thanksgiving Considerations
  • Halloween Contest Photos

Considerations For Gathering This Thanksgiving

We are finally nearing the end of a year that seems to have lasted a decade. With each year-end comes numerous opportunities to celebrate. This year’s celebrations will look quite a bit different (and smaller) than years past. Since the dawning of COVID-19, stress and isolation are common feelings prompting the desire to gather around other people. Unfortunately, the last few weeks have seen an uptick in cases making it necessary to remain careful and aware of how we interact with others.

The CDC has published a recommendation on how to conduct the holidays during COVID-19. The article states that with the epidemic worsening, a large contributor is small household gatherings. It goes on to list considerations when getting together this holiday season:

  • Consider virtual. Celebrating virtually presents the lowest risk.
  • Stick to those living in your home. Gatherings with anyone outside of the people living within a household (which includes college students coming home) presents a risk.
  • Restrict travel. If traveling, all places that expose travelers to the virus pose a risk.
  • Practice social distancing. Gathering within 6 feet of someone else for more than 5 minutes without a mask more greatly increases the risk of exposure.
  • Social distance before gathering. Consider asking attendees to remain strict on social distancing before the gathering.
  • Stay outdoors. Indoor gatherings present a greater risk than outdoor.

Regardless of your holiday plans, the staff at OHKC hope that you can relax and spend
time (ideally virtual time) with those you love.

Halloween 2020 Costume Contest

This year, the staff at OHKC brought the Halloween spirit straight to the office. Enjoy these pictures of the employees who entered our office costume contest! 1st: Forrest Gump 2nd: Disney Villains 3rd: Hocus Pocus

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