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17 Dec

Orthopedic Health of KC Newsletter December 2019


  • Avoiding Winter Injuries
  • Physicians meet with Congressman


Although the temperature has only dipped occasionally in the past months, winter is on its way. Each winter season, Orthopedic Health of Kansas City treats injuries as a result of the icy temperatures and the accompanying conditions.  Below includes two of the top reasons patients seek orthopedic care as a result of winter related injuries.

  1. Slips and falls account for the highest number of injuries seen at OHKC as a result of the winter weather.  While certain injuries remain unavoidable, there are ways to be less vulnerable to the broken bones, concussions, and back and joint injuries caused by slipping and falling.  We recommend using your arms to balance when walking outside in icy conditions – so stock up on gloves instead of shoving your hands in your pockets.
  1. Although snow is not constant in Kansas City during the winter months, with snow comes shoveling…and back injuries.  Please remember to protect your back while shoveling by pushing instead of lifting the snow.  Additionally, slightly bend your knees to aid your back.

If you do fall victim to winter injury, it is better to be safe than sorry and visit one of our orthopedic urgent care clinics, hours listed below.  If you suffer loss of consciousness, confusion, disorientation, seizures, nausea or vomiting as a result of an injury, please go to your nearest emergency room.


8am – 8pm Monday through Friday
8am – 12pm Saturday at NKC Location

OHKC Advocates for its Patients

Physicians at OHKC met with Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall (KS) last month to advocate for our patients. Often, patients are met with surprise medical billing and other insurance related issues. Dr. Marshall is hoping to make these issues more transparent to patients in the future.

OHKC Doctors Group Shot
From left to right: Dr. Paul Cowan, Dr. Jeff Bradley, Dr. Zachary Roberts, Dr. Roger Marshall, Dr. Craig Satterlee, Dr. Jon Hedgecock